Our Vision

Life together in the goodness of God

Life is hard. But it’s harder when when we’re alone. We are wired for community, but this is a challenge sometimes too. Life together means we are doing life - all of life - together. It means we’re committed to one another, in the good times and the in bad. When the kids are going crazy, and when we’re barely holding on. And no matter how hard life is, still…

God is good. Sure, you may struggle with that idea. We do too sometimes. But we’ve also seen that God has been good and is faithful. We’ve seen it first hand. Repeatedly. It’s his goodness that made us, it’s his goodness that loves us when we’re unlovely, it’s his goodness that looks for us when we are lost - even on purpose,

Life together in the goodness of God is our story, our part of history, where, because of the work of Christ, we are forgiven, are made new, are given a new home and a purpose. It’s the rhythm or pattern (liturgy) of our lives. On Sundays we gather at the table to remember the welcoming work of God, and in the rhythm of worship, we are renewed by word and sacrament, confess our shortcomings and receive grace. and are redirected outward for the sake of others. On Wednesdays we gather for fellowship and prayer and to encourage each other and bear one another’s burdens. This is our vision, the reason we exist, to do life together in the God’s goodness. It’s beautiful and difficult, frustrating and freeing, and can make us come alive like nothing else in the wide world, because it’s real.

Where’s your journey taking you?

To accomplish this we are focusing on the following priorities:

Caring for One Another - we will demonstrate this love first and foremost in our interactions with one another, both in the fun of fellowship and the seriousness of praying for one another and being willing to speak truth and hope into one another’s lives. This is the call of discipleship.

Hospitality - we will reach out to our neighbors and friends through hospitality in meals and conversations around the table, as well as by partnering with others in the community to do good and seek the welfare of the city.

Children’s Ministry - helping our young people to know, understand, and live the faith passed to us is a serious thing to us and to Jesus (Mark 10:13-16). We offer regular opportunities to our children on Sundays and for our teens on Sundays.

Learning/Growing in Spiritual Gifts - God calls us into a family and gives us each gifts and abilities meant to be used for the good of the whole community. Part of the role of community is to identify and encourage one another in those gifts so that the body is built up and the world around sees a clearer and clearer picture of Jesus.

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