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Welcome to the Iona Community Anglican Church!  We're so glad you've found us!

What will you find here?  Regular people, but not ordinary.  “There are no ordinary people” (C.S. Lewis)We are a small, warm, thoughtful, congregation (very family-friendly) congregation in downtown Vancouver trying hard to follow Jesus in authentic ways. It’s not easy work, but so so worth it. If your church experience has been anything but Jesus-like, maybe you’d want to journey with us to see if it’s true? 

And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you... Pray to the LORD for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.
— Jeremiah 29:7 (NIV)

What can you expect when you visit?  Three things to expect.  First, you'll notice a group of people who love hospitality (and food!) and a few kids!  It may seem rare in today's culture, but there is a culture of genuine community here. Second, we are serious in trying to follow Christ in all areas of our lives.  For us, worship is not just a service or an "event" on Sundays; it's a lifestyle we take into every area of life.   Third, we are committed to the city.  We see the area around our meeting space and our homes as our "parish" and want to seek the good of the city.   

What's next? We'd love to connect!  You could visit us for worship @ 1030, or coffee before hand @ 10.  if you want to get to know us in a more relaxed way, we have a potluck on the second Sunday of every month after service which is yummy!  You could also touch base with Fr Bob to connect live on a smaller scale (503-964-9093).  Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong because you'll find we're pretty easy going!  We hope you'll join us soon!